Master Groomer


Every dog that comes in gets a full brush out provided it is not matted. A pretrim is given that includes the ears being cleaned out, toe nails trimmed and a "rough" cut. Once this is done the dog goes to one of our skilled bathers to be bathed, anal glands done and then a fluff dry (without heat). When the fluff dry is done, dogs go into their own crate and have another dryer put on it, again,, without heat. Once completely dry, the dog goes back to one of the groomers for the finish trim, bandana, and/or cologne.
Cats that are shaved down are left for just the duration of the hair cut. We do not bath most cats as we try to get them finished as fast as possible to eleviate stress on them. Most cats can be done within about one hour.. Some cats do get baths, at the owners request, with a full brush out and blow dry, as the cat will tolerate. All cats are done on a "can-do" policy. Meaning that we will do as much as we can do,, or what the cat will tolerate.

Class Act Pet Grooming

Simply Fabulous!